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The Cult of Artimus

my alter ego

17 October 1986
Credit xlilcrimx
Made by xlilcrimx.

Age: 21
sex: female
Height: 5'7
Location: Australia
Occupation: ft student
Status: taken


oh man my profile needed an update. I am currently studying full time or my advance diploma in digital media at CIT. I still live at home with my mum but hoping to move out end of this year beginning of next. I have a boyfriend of whom I love and cherish and am very interested in any type of arts. I don't really understand the whole concept of "doing it just to piss people off" art though -_-

When I finish school I would like to experience the world at first hand. Not just holidays where you see a rainbow cloud over everything but actualy live in a few places once I get a website up so the business is running fine.

Come check out my art

ocean mystic by =DeviouslyOllee on deviantART

just me by =DeviouslyOllee on deviantART

canberra - get it into ya by =DeviouslyOllee on deviantART